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Results through empathetically understanding behavior & sound solutions.

About Rebecca

Rebecca W. Sparks

Rebecca’s career in healthcare spans over four decades and has formulated her expertise in behavioral health nursing as well as acute care management and healthcare systems operations. In addition to transitioning from the bedside to performance improvement and risk management, Rebecca has a background as a legal nurse consultant, advanced mediator and is a certified professional in patient safety and facilitator of the Conflict Dynamics Profile. She has also served as a County Court mediator and consultant with individuals and groups through her personal business R. W. Sparks Consulting, formerly Sound Solutions Consulting and Mediation.

More recently she has functioned as a quality and clinical improvement advisor with hospitals and healthcare teams across California to address regulatory and / or conflict-driven occurrences and assisted with achieving improved individual, team and systems outcomes. Rebecca currently serves as a mediator and clinical resources specialist with Conflict Intervention Service, a homelessness prevention program, through The Bar Association of San Francisco.

In her private practice Rebecca has the privilege to influence positive change in cases that require a strong clinical mindset as well as mediation strategies, thus, she is evolving the practice of a “clinical” mediator. Her behavioral health knowledge is paramount in finding specific approaches for individuals that may otherwise be challenged in a more structured legal setting. Rebecca frequently assists attorney’s, families, and others when an individual or group is driving disharmony and creating conflict. Overall, the results that Rebecca achieves are providing a psychologically safe space that leads to improved communication, recognition of conflict behaviors and successful transformation of conflict through coaching and sound solutions.

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What Rebecca Offers

Rebecca or “R W” brings a strong and diverse background to her consulting, mediation and facilitation services for conflict resolution and change management. With a focus on psychological safety, coaching and team dynamics, and viewing through a trauma-informed lens, R W particularly emphasizes conflict education, and brings the tools that can offer sustainable change. She specializes in participant and organizational transformation through what she has termed “sound solutions.”


What are sound solutions?

Means of shoring up the conflict-driven terrain and having the skill-set to respond in a sound and solution-oriented manner. In other words, to have at one’s disposal the option of Sound Solutions tools!


What do we need to healthfully navigate conflict and unpredictable circumstances?

A successful sojourn requires a charted path that not only ultimately reaches the desired destination, but prepares the traveler for unanticipated events along the way.

Conflict is often that unpredictable event or undercurrent that can make or break a meaningful experience with others and the world around us in any given circumstance. Knowing how we deal with this important truth is critical to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.


What does it take to begin the individual, team or larger entity change management journey?

First, it takes viewing from the end, visualizing that space where arrival is expected to provide a safe and exciting new foundation for growth and transformation. The process may initially feel a bit counterintuitive, however, finding the optimum destination is actually phase one of accomplishing the desired change goals.


How do we get there from here?

Upon clear recognition of what the end result of the journey can bring, it is time to get to work. A thorough assessment of what conflict behaviors exist, how they are impacting circumstances and those involved and what they are costing both emotionally and financially, must be brought to the table. This information provides the groundwork for what tools are needed most and then change management, conflict behavior-change and resolutions can begin!


What is to prevent conflict-driven behaviors or cultures from returning to less desirable choices versus those that are sound solutions?

Coaching. As individuals, teams, C-suites, etc. we often find it more comfortable to revert to prior behaviors, especially in the beginning, it seems a more rapid path than opting for a newer skill that may take practice to become second nature. Coaching sessions provide reinforcement to assist in converting the prior behavior choices to those that are grounded, logical and non-escalatory and ultimately less costly. Coaching is an integral component to the success of working with Rebecca and it is built into every aspect of her work. Empowering individuals, teams and larger groups is what RW does best!


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